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I need to finish setting up my store. I need to find things to write about. I’ve got an RPG to do, and I need to find a new place to stay. The last means convincing certain people I need help and that I’m not capable of doing it myself. Aspergers has its benefits, but the problems that come with it can be a pain.

All that aside, I need to clean up my room. If you’re in San Diego and have some free time, drop me a line through the contact form below, and let’s see what we can work out.

Thanks for your time, and may the May flowers be copious and colorful.


Stray Thoughts on Dangerous Journeys 2: Good and Evil

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One thing that arouses a lot of discussion is on the nature of good and evil. In many cases there are those who insist that good and evil can be things, and that things, and creatures, can be good or evil in and of themselves. The thing is, this sort of thinking ignores the fact that nothing can be good or evil, a thing can only be.

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Stray Thoughts on Dangerous Journeys 1: Ethoi and Morality

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Thought I’d post on the Dangerous Journeys engine, to give people a better idea of what the engine is about. In this case the post you are now reading is about morality, ethics, and personal philosophy.

Now not all games use them. Those that do call them “alignments”. Alignments were originally drawn from the work of Michael Moorcock and came in three flavors; law, chaos, and neutrality. Since then those basic three have been added to, much as extra laws of magic have been added to the original law of similarity. DJ takes a different view.

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There are people who keep using that word, I don’t think it means what they think it means.

Most often these people are complaining about being observed in public. In public. Out in public you have to expectation of privacy, privacy only applies when you’re in private. When you’re at home, or in a building of some kind. You’re out in public privacy has no applicability at all.

How did we get this idiot idea that you could have privacy in public? I blame the producers of the old Cops program on Fox. Somebody caught on camera sued them for violating his privacy, a judge allowed the case, and the producers of Cops folded like cheap cardboard.

News for you, folks. You’re walking around in public anybody can record what you’re doing. You don’t want to get caught doing stupid things in public, don’t do stupid things in public. That’s the end of the story.

People, let’s try showing a little confidence in ourselves, and a little discretion in our behavior. You’re supposed to be functioning adults, let’s remember what that means and behave accordingly.

N.B.: If ever you catch me parading around skyclad in public, you don’t need my permission to record it. You have my word.

Stray Thoughts on Aerth 3

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One thing that bothers me about some created worlds is that we, the audience, need to view it from our reality, considering it according to what is possible in our world. So magic has to be mysterious, ecology is irrelevant, and fantasy worlds can’t have a rational, scientific core. We have a bad habit of ignoring the fact it aint our reality.

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Stray Thoughts on Aerth 2

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More on Aerth’s Dragons

At present how dragons are divided depends on what part of the world one is in. In Aerope there are said to be four main types of dragon, these are:

  1. Air
  2. Ærth
  3. Fire
  4. Water

Each main type is further divided into:

  1. Air
    1. Cloud
    2. Rain
    3. Storm
  2. Ærth
    1. Rock
    2. Lava
  3. Fire
    1. Heat
    2. Flame
  4. Water
    1. Wave
    2. Tsunami
    3. Tide

The Ch’in-Sungese divide Ærth into Metal and Wood. These being further divided into:

  1. Ærth
    1. Metal
      1. Gold
      2. Silver
      3. Iron
      4. Brass
    2. Wood
      1. Bamboo
      2. Teak
      3. Redwood
      4. Ebony

In all truth, the dragons of Ærth actually come in two groups, the Western (mammaliform) and the Easter (serpentiform). In general the first group make up the Ærth and Fire dragons, the second group are largely Air and Water dragons. There are exceptions.

For instance, the lion dragon, for all that it looks like an enormous lion, is part of the serpentiforms, along with the Ch’in loess dragon and the Annamese tide dragon.

It should be further noticed that each group has representatives all over the world. The Skandian blight wyrm for example is a serpentiform.

Special Note: The wyverns (2 families, 3 genera, and 5 species) are not dragons in any sense of the word, but more closely related to the pterodactyls and pterosaurs.

More about dragons coming up, but this should do for now.

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